USA Request foe extension to file went for wrong tax year. Now what?

Aug 27, 2023
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United States
I just received a notice from the IRS with a whopping penalty + interest for "failure to file" for tax period 2022.

It looks like I have proof that the extension was processed. The EFPTS has my payment with the following description:
the correct payment amount
the correct payment date
the payment status is Settled
the tax type is Extension
the tax period is 2023

So they did recognize the payment as an extension, but somehow they applied it to 2023 instead of 2022. I probably filed the extension through EFPTS. I may have typed in 2023 by mistake. It should have not been accepted because why would anyone possibly be requesting an extension for tax year 2023 last April?? So I'm guessing that that mistake caused them not to recognize the extension. Will they correct that year? How much of a problem do you think they will give on the phone tomorrow?

And there is an added complication. I filed my return five weeks ago. Shortly after, it was accepted. That return, of course, includes the extension payment. The status of that return, according to the IRS site, is "being processed".
What a mess.

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