UK Self Assessment / tax code / tax refund

Jun 3, 2021
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United Kingdom
Hello fellow accountants,

I have recently started my own practice after qualifying - though do not have much practice experience.

I am looking for some help/guidance for self assessment for a new client - really hoping you'll be able to guide me.

This client has over £125k income, £43k tax paid, as per their P60 and their final tax code is K932M1. (this was for tax year 2020-21). There is no additional income other than employment or the client is not receiving any child benefits. This client changed their job in July 2020 - and I have their P45 as well but I suppose I will not need that as P60 already captures that information.

Please can you help:
1) How do I find out if there is any overpaid tax and if the client is eligible for tax refund?
2) What does this tax code indicate and how do we check it's correct?
3) Do I need to file self assessment tax return as their income for the first time is >£100k

On another note, please can you suggest what is the best way to file the return for the client? Do I get the client register with HMRC and use their login details or do I register as an agent with HMRC?

Your help is very much appreciated.
Many thanks,

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