UK Accounting for terribly conducted transactions.

Jun 5, 2023
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United Kingdom
My business is using a site for certain services where the only payment option is by crypto. We can upload any amount of credit to our account there and then use that, we don’t have to pay separately for every purchase. A person outside the company buys the crypto on a site, then transfers that to another wallet for practical reasons. Both the Coinbase account and the other wallet are officially owned by another person outside the company, different than the one uploading the money. Then we can upload credit to this site so we get a certain amount of credit. We do these at the same time so there are no drops in the value of the crypto. We owe money to the person who bought the crypto on Coinbase. How do we account for this? I know how terribly conducted these transactions are and we now do better than this, but what happened happened and we need to solve these somehow. Thanks for your help in advance.

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