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Feb 21, 2012
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Hello all,

I am hoping some of you may be fit to give me any advice at all (good or bad). I am college student. I am employed by my father and I do his books for a construction company. He does good business, over 2 mil in sales a year. I'm basically an office manager/bookkeeper for his company. Recently took a year off from my studies and intend to go back this fall. I have about two years left until I can get a degree in accounting.

Unforunately, I just feel like I'm not gaining as much experience within the accounting field as I would like to. I don't have a supervisor to report to, and I pretty much stumble through certain things that I'm not sure of. The CPA that does our tax returns helps out a lot, but he also charges an arm and a leg. The point is, am I in the right place at this point in my career? Am I doing more bad than good in this situation? I know I don't have a degree, but I've applied to CPA's in the local area for internships and no call backs. I figured I'd have a good advantage with two years experience in bookkeeping. The money here is good, I'm sure because it's the family business, but I just feel like I'm not getting the experience/knowledge that I need to better my career or the company for that matter. Should I stick it out here unitl I get a degree, or do I take a cut in pay and start looking for unpaid internships that may prove beneficial in the long run? Or perhaps, is this how it is going to be at any job I land from here on out (I hope not)? Any advice to an aspiring accountant would be greatly appreciated.

Much appreciated



Apr 4, 2012
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Do a part-time degree and continue working for your Father. Don't forget that he needs you as much as you need him right now. Also, will you be likely to inherit the business when he retires?

You're in a very fortunate position, so don't jump out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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