Free Book : How To Market And Manage An Accounting Firm

Aug 30, 2012
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hello all :)
i found this book on amazon and its free for only few days
i thought accountant in this forum would like to have such book

Book Name : How To Market And Manage An Accounting Firm
In this book how to Market and Manage an Accounting Firm you will learn:
• The five accounting business success fundamentals
• The marketing fundamentals used by the most successful accounting firms
• How to create a new market for your accounting firm
• How to attract “A talent” staff to your accounting firm

• The 18th century was about speed.
• The 19th century was about quality.
• The 21st century is about value and total customer experience.
• What is value?
• What is total customer experience?
• How do you know what constitute value to your clients?
You will learn all those in the book.

this book is free on amazon only for 5 days so get you're chance and download it
Amazon Link
How To Market And Manage An Accounting Firm eBook: Romeo Richards: Kindle Store

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