Gatsby Cloud does not respect Preview Env variables

Apr 3, 2023
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I recently configured Gatsby Cloud for my Gatsby app, the github integration and previews seemed very useful. I was previously using circleci to do a production build and deploy to aws. I did not previously have a staging site where i deployed a development build.

I added my production env vars to the Build section of the environment variables settings. Then I added my development env vars to the Preview section. No matter what i configure in gatsby-config.js the build process that GC uses automatically defaults to production on my PR builds. There is no info on this in the docs unfortunately.


let activeEnv = process.env.GATSBY_IS_PREVIEW ? "development" : process.env.NODE_ENV || "development";

  path: `.env.${activeEnv}`,
console.log(`** Build Env: '${activeEnv}'`);
console.log("** BACKEND URL:", process.env.GRAPHQL_URL);
I see "development" logged for activeEnv during the PR Build process, which is what I expect. dotenv technically should be loading .env.development, but it doesnt end up with the development GRAPHQL_URL url. process.env.GRAPHQL_URL always logs out as the value in .env.production

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