Help me choose please: Risk vs. Forensic Vs. General Assurance

Jul 22, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I now was given the choice of several internship positions at PwC in Assurance and I would like to ask for some advice.
My options are:
- Assurance (core)
- Risk Assurance
- Forensic Assurance
- Pensions Assurance
- Public Sector Assurance

I am having a hard time deciding between Risk Assurance and "Plain" Assurance, and I also want to consider forensic assurance. For some reasons I ruled out pensions and public sector but if someone tells me they are great, I wouldn't mind going for them.

I read about each but cannot really see how they differ in practice. Are they very different? Which one would provide me with the best skillsket for a possible future career in consulting? Or are they all the same in this respect? Which one is the most challenging/exciting?

I would appreciate any input! Even though I have spent hours talking to PwC employees and partners, the actual difference between these types of Assurance still remained unclear.


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