Lost in the ocean

Mar 17, 2014
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OK, probably a dumb question, but here goes. My client *bless his cotton socks* deleted and re-entered a bunch of year-old uncleared checks and deposits from his company's Quickbooks Online account that had been entered incorrectly (as expenses not bill payments, and as clustered deposits, not individual bill payments). Now, when I go in to reconcile, things are way, way off. Even when I comb through the statements, capture all the previously reconciled transactions, and verify the current balance - my recon is way, way off. I made sure that when he deleted that he re-entered debits and credits as bills and bill payments for the exact amounts as before, for his accounting purposes - and mine! I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Do I need to adjust my starting balance to what it would have been prior to those transactions being reconciled? I am very green and could use some sage advice. P. S. Quickbooks online is for the birds!

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