UK Mileage for employees to place of study

Mar 8, 2017
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United Kingdom

I'm currently employed as a Trainee chartered accountant and work in a local office. However when I have to study towards becoming chartered, I have to drive 200 miles in my own car to get to the place of study and my employer doesn't pay any mileage.

Currently many other students travelling to this place of study from different firms get paid mileage.

My question is can I claim this mileage as an employee expense? I know it has to be wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of the duties of the office or employment, but I think this depends on how you argue this case?

A couple of people I work with have claimed this currently. But when I tried to claim this they want a letter from my employer stating why they do not pay any contribution towards the mileage. I've considered just ringing HMRC and trying to argue my case, but I wasn't sure on the best course of action.

Any advice would be helpful or a link to other articles covering this topic.

Thank you


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Aug 26, 2011
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Employers are required by law to reimburse reasonable expenses that are necessarily incurred in the course of your employment. If you are required to attend the course for your employment then they should reimburse you for your expenses - unless of course there are other factors at play, eg you could have done the course closer to home but chose not to for some reason, etc.

I'm not speaking as a lawyer here, though, so I'd do some research into this if I were you. If your employer is not obliged to cover your travel expenses for some reason, but they are WE&N, you can claim them using form P87,

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