Quicken retirement planner: Is the Adjustments section buggy?

Jan 16, 2009
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I filled out the Quicken 2007 Retirement Planner, and now I'm trying to edit the Adjustments section to try out some different scenarios. I told it that my living expenses will increase by $15,000 per year, starting next week and continuing for the rest of my life. When I went to Results > Your Plan, it told me that, not surprisingly, I'll run out of money much sooner with that increase - in the year 2040 to be specific. So far so good.

But then I tried changing the starting date of the living expense increase to two years from now, and noticed that I'll still run out of money in 2040. I tried entering different starting dates, later and later, and it STILL kept telling me I'll run out at 2040. That date doesn't begin to shift until I tell it that the expense increase won't happen till 26 years from now!

Clearly I'm getting some wacky numbers. Am I missing a trick, or is there a major bug in the retirement planner's Adjustments section?

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