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Nov 23, 2017
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Hi all

I am posting on behalf of a college board.

We are in the process of changing business manager. The manager has been in place for almost 2 decades and has done a wonderful job, but budgets and finances in general have been inaccurate for a few years. We believe it is due to a few things
- use of excel documents for calculations that have formulae relating to formulae relating to formulae that have all been growing for years and therefore compounding errors
- a lack of forecasting software as budgets were based almost entirely on this gentleman's spreadsheets

We require software or a suite of software that can do the following...
- "talk to" our school management system (SEQTA/school pro)
- "talk to" and/or replace our current excel documents and formulae
- "talk to" our MYOB account (that could be changed if an appropriate suite covered the services provided by MYOB)
- develop budgets
- develop short and long term forecasts
- provide a dash board for reports (specifically strong in the area of KPI reporting)

I am very keen to find a cloud based solution but we are open to advice. We can work with current systems, but the appointment of a new business manager means a unique opportunity has arisen where we can utilise a chance to move to cutting edge technological solutions.

If your response requires private communication, feel free to contact me at (e-mail address removed)

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