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Jan 16, 2021
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United States
I understand accounting; credits, debits, journal, ledger, and chart of accounts. Quickbooks is an enigma to me. I have been using Microsoft Excel but writing spreadsheets is using too much of my resources. Quickbooks doesn't work for me because i'm a number cruncher and i use those numbers in different ways to examine every aspect of my business. I can organize my chart of accounts to be more, or less, specific to show me the information i need to manage my business. I bought a skil saw today and could only catagorize it as "other tools and equipment" in quickbooks, and because I purchased it from Home Depot, it was catagorized(or tagged. I'm a little confused) as a "repair or maintainance" expense. I need software to manage and streamline my accounting; not hijack it. Software to help me manage my journal, ledger, and chart of accounts. Quickbooks won't even let me see them. Recommendations?


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