switching from tax to audit

May 15, 2010
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I wanted to ask for an opinion of those who have worked both in tax and audit.

I am in my second year with a Big 4 firm, working in a core tax group. For two consecutive years I've been a high performer and received above-average ratings (still not sure if it means anything besides a potential raise). I expect to be promoted to a senior this year, and since the day I started I've been exposed to various tax matters from compliance to provision to consulting (which is my favorite by far). However, at the moment I feel that I want to explore business world not being limited by the tax umbrella. I guess grass always looks greener on the other side, but it looks like audit would provide a better perspective of company operations and business decisions. Unfortunately tax is not a train that pulls the operations, and based on my limited exposure to the client sites, I feel that tax work in the industry is very limiting and repetitive.

Has anyone switched from tax to audit and back? What did you feel about both fields? Will audit lead to more consulting opportunities than tax? Are skills gained in audit more transferable than those in tax?

Thanks all!


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