USA Switching from ATX to Ultra Tax

Aug 23, 2022
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United States
Hi guys,

I wish I had had this forum before I purchased Ultra Tax just so I could have gotten a consensus of professionals before committing.

We have been using ATX for years. It's cheap, $2,800/year, but it doesn't work all that well, you can't customize how you present your documents and it crashes constantly. (Has anyone else had this problem with ATX?)

We are switching to Ultra Tax and I'm honestly getting nervous. We saw a demo but you don't really know how to use it until you use it. Has anyone else switched to Ultra Tax? How easy was it to find your way around. It's almost 4x the price at $10,500.. and I've heard good things. I just hope we can figure it out in a hurry. (To be fair I figured out ATX in a couple of weeks.)


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