UK Why is there a shortfall in the UK for accountants that specialise in Audit

Apr 1, 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi guys,
I'm researching Audit Accountants in the UK. Basically I want to know why Accountants who specialise in Audit are like gold dust to find. While researching accountancy as a whole, businesses that I spoke to said that when hiring, people with Audit experience were difficult to come by.........but why? if its such a niche role than there must be money to go down that route? I've compiled a quick Questionnaire and put it below. If you could answer my questions I'd really appreciate it.
1. Why in your opinion do you think there is a shortfall in Audit Accountants within the UK
2. What type of skill set is required to specialise in Audit Accountancy
3. Are there certain exams you have to take to specialise within Audit
4. What is the average salary for an Audit Accountant? (please give the area you live in)
5. What steps do you think could be taken to try and encourage Accountants to specialise in Audit
6. What do employees look for on a CV when hiring someone within Audit
7. What are the top 5 responsibilities Audit Accounts have in their role
8. If you are someone who hires within your company, have you had issues finding a good applicant. If yes, why?

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