A Career In Accounting

Oct 11, 2009
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Hello everyone,

I am looking for some career advice. I currently own and operate a catering company. I am looking to make a career change into accounting. My goal is to have my own accounting service including bookkeeping and tax preparation, specializing in small businesses. Being a small business owner, I believe this will help me to guide my clients.

Education: I have an Associates Degree in liberal arts and a three year trade school for restaurant management. While neither of these qualify me to enter accounting, they don't hurt.

Age: 33

So, my question is, what path would you recommend to gain education and experience? I have talked to a few people and I have gotten a surprising variety of answers. Here are some snippets of advice I have gotten from various people:

-Sorry, you might be too old.
-You need to become a CPA. They are the only ones who make any money.
-You are absolutely not too old.
-I have no formal education in accounting aside from Accounting 1 at my community college. I have been in accounting for 35 years and I do very well.

I suppose the path to becoming an accountant will be a mixture of real world experience and education. What path would you recommend?

Any comments are greatly appreciated,


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