UK Course & Training Advice for a Part-Time Finance Assistant in a Medium Sized UK Charity

Nov 7, 2023
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United Kingdom
I have a Mathematics (MSci) First Class and I'm in the process of finishing my PhD in mathematics both at a Russell Group University. The pandemic and cost of living heavily disrupted my means of finishing my PhD course how I'd like and I recently started a Part-Time Finance Assistant Job at a Medium Sized UK Charity to help with the cost of living. I've never studied Finance or Accountancy before or have connections who work in Finance or Accountancy. The work is a typical finance assistant role: Updating account spreadsheets, assisting on bank reconciliations, processing payments, coding entries into the digital ledger supporting the Finance and Business manager. There is only the two of us in the Finance team. I find myself having a lot of free time during the work day whilst still meeting the job requirements and the charity is offering to pay for some courses or training that can supplement my work. I have no idea where to start looking or what would be appropriate, what courses or training do you suggest I do to make the most of this opportunity? They are incredibly open and encouraging in finding what is best so please give as many options as possible for me to discuss with them. I'd like to get as broad a window into things as possible.

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