UK Do I have the grades for accounting?

Jul 29, 2020
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Im currently a high school student about to start my A-Levels and I’m interested in becoming an accountant but I’ve had many setbacks and I’m now questioning whether there would be a place for me in the industry.

So, to start off with, I took some really bad advice when starting my GCSEs which have ultimately lead to to receiving less than desirable grades (my predicted were 7s - 9s but I received 5s - 7s). I also had to move down from Higher Maths to Foundation.
The fallout from this is that I’m not able to do Maths A-Level as I’m required to have at least a 6 and I was planning to do this along with Economics and Spanish.
The icing on the very upsetting cake is that I’m homeschooled so resitting exams isn’t an option sadly.

Hopefully it doesn’t sound like I’m contradicting myself too much now, but I actually do have the brains and the mindset to put in the work and get the grades, I just wasn’t learned enough with GCSEs and took the wrong advice.

Ultimately, my question is, from an accountants point of view, with my current grades, am I better off just choosing another career path ? Will my exam grades and the fact that I can’t do A-Level Maths affect my ability to find work in the accounting industry if I continue down this route ?



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Jan 6, 2013
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United Kingdom
Look up the accountancy body you'd like to study with. It'll tell you on their website what their minimum requirements are.

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