how to prepare an invoice and a cheque butt?

Apr 26, 2011
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hi everyone....

can someone help me with my problem please... its about invoice and cheque butt... how can i create an invoice and a cheque butt from the following informations?

"You are Oman Gatoloai – the sole proprietor of ‘Helmaromape’s Shop". Design an invoice and a cheque butt to be used in the course of your business operation.
1. Your personal information can be used except for the entity’s name.

March 3. Purchased goods on credit from Ian Tiafaaofo
5lbs mutton flaps @ $4.40 per lb
20lbs chicken @ $2.90per lb
5lbs sugar @ $1.20 per lb
2 bags of rice @ $80.00 per bag

10. Issued cheque # 1110 to Ian Tiafaaofo in order to settle March 3rd

please ...... how can i create the two source documents?

any help is highly appreciated.. thank you

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