USA looking for a CPA for two businesses

Jul 11, 2023
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United States
I have two clients looking for a new CPA and I have been tasked with finding them. I tried the Quickbooks directory and doing the old google search, but can't seem to find someone who is accepting new clients or is a good fit. We are specifically looking for small firms who are approachable, extremely organized, and tech savvy.

client 1. medium sized online retailer based in Virginia. their ideal CPA would have experience with Shopify or other online platforms. their bookkeeper (me) would like their CPA to have an active role with their organization which includes monthly meetings or reviews of their books throughout the year. they have one main LLC plus two additional very low transaction LLC's) as well as their personal taxes (married filing jointly). they do business worldwide and have reached sales tax nexus in Colorado and Washington.

client 2. very small 5013-c in California. this client needs help with annual federal taxes and overseeing compliance issues. they have been given different information on what forms they need and need someone who really understands taxes for non-profits.

I am looking for a resource where i can screen potential CPAs perhaps view their bios and narrow down the search.

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