New Zealand Career switch to become an accountant.

Dec 1, 2020
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New Zealand
Here's a bit about me: I did Engineering for my undergraduate degree and then a Masters in medical devices. I've been working in the medical device industry for the last 4 years but New Zealand hasn't been a favorable place for the medical devices industry and I found the job not very rewarding in terms of opportunities.

My current career has given me nothing other than a bag of debts in the form of student loans(still trying to pay them off). I've been trying relentlessly for the past 5 years to get into organizations in my field. The opportunities are very narrow making it very difficult for career development. After years of frustration and no chances of career growth/opportunities in sight, I've been thinking of a career switch.

The next big question!?
Accounting(eventually a Chartered accountant) was the first thing that came to my mind. I don't know anyone who has done this before. That's why I've come here, searching for answers.
I do understand that this is a huge undertaking and it's gonna be difficult. I'm ready to commit. But I would like to get more insights from people who are experienced in this area or has done a career switch like this. I would like to know what I am really getting into, how good the opportunities are here in New Zealand. Is the local market already saturated?
How practical and achievable is the transition from an Engineer to an accountant?
Any thoughts, please!
Sep 28, 2020
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United States
I suggest looking up Andy LaCivita (career coach) on Youtube. He'll reassure you your situation isn't unique. You're leveraging your experience in the medical device industry to how you will be successful in the accounting industry.

It maybe just maybe might be a bit different in the US compared to New Zealand but I'm fairly sure you don't want to apply into ATS systems right now. You'll have to utilize your network as well as send cold emails to receive an offer.

Like I said, look up Andy LaCivita. What I just posted is summarizing about 70% of his free content.

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