USA Go from Russian Accounting Principals to US GAAP

Oct 7, 2020
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United States
Hi everyone!
I worked as SAP FI consultant in the Russia and I try to get gob here so I am learning the accounting features of the US GAAP. Now I am creating "youtube" channel where I try to tell about building SAP system and specifically about SAP Finance and SAP Controlling modules. I assume three branches first. Business RAS and US GAAP, secondary IT-technologies and third SAP Configurating and using. So, if you help me I will be too much grateful!
Now, I have next questions:
  1. Please, Could you give me a few sites where I can get information about business creating. How it must be registration, just the introduction in business creating.
  2. For accounting I tried to find US GAAP and I have a registration on the site but instead full description of the GAAP I found "ask and get answer hierarchy" I'd want to read GAAP statements like as reading of the book and not "ask and get answer mode". Where can I get US GAAP statements in old format? (a book format)
Thank you!


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